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R/C Helper

The World's First shareware for R/C cars, trucks & air!

Featured in the Jan/95 "Model Airplane News" magazine.

R/C Helper for Windows:
Version 3.00

R/C Helper (aka WinRCH) has crossed over to Windows!

Users of the DOS version will find the displays in basicly the same places on the Windows version. Along with new features and lots of mouse support! Squeek!

If you're wonder why a new version has not been released since August 1997, it's because there's been no need for one! Not one bug had been reported in WinRCH 3!

A few of the new features in WinRCH 3:

Screen blanker and keyboard locking are not included in the Windows version since Windows already provides these functions.

last update: Sept 24, 2009