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ZugDCC, is a easy to use DCC Control program to operate Lenz XpressNet DCC systems through the Lenz LI100, LI101F and LI-USB computer interface.

ZugDCC is Shareware .  This means you can try it for a month before you pay for it.  See the order page (use link on menu bar to the left) for current price.  When you register (buy) ZugDCC your PassKey® will be sent by email.

Customer Quotes:

I can’t thank you enough for the Zug software, I do use it all the time and I evangelise about it constantly. Can’t understand why anybody would use some of the other stock or shareware packages, but there’s no accounting for taste is there?
I’ve tried the ****  software but I find the ZugDCC software to be easier to use.
(* name of competing software removed)
I've tried some of the other software and they're just not as good as your system. Some of them take a bit of time to get them to work.
The software is the most brilliant piece of software for running a model rail. I use it all the time with Lenz equipment.
I am very impressed by the software – congratulations on what you have written.

Why you should choose ZugDCC:
    I designed ZugDCC from the ground up to be easy to set up and use.  You do not need any programming experience to run my software, there is no huge learning curve to stand in your way to get running your trains within a few minutes of installing it.  It's simple enough to be easy to use, yet powerful enough to use for complex yard or operation tasks.   Your hobby is to run model trains, not learning complex commands.
    You my notice I say "I" because ZugDCC, and all my other programs, are completely my own original creations.  It's not a bunch of sections of code put together by various people like a software Frankenstein, it is a creation of a single person, with the main focus on easy of use and functionality and of course reliability.
    You don't need a super powerful computer to run ZugDCC either.  I am a tight programmer, any PC the can run Windows 98SE or newer should have no problems running my software.  In fact I use older computers to develop my software on to be sure it will operate on them.  Most of the code has been done on either my 366MHz Pentium 2 laptop, or my 600MHz Pentium 3 system, and it runs well on them both!
    If you ever do need help with my software, I'm just an email away.  And who better to get help from then the one person that created the entire program!


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